Dogs for Africa

Report pet scams

If you suspect you have found a pet scam, Google and Truecaller the phone number to see if it has been used for other shady deals.

If you have lost money, open a case with the police. Internet crime is REAL crime! Inform the banks at once and also report it here: 
I've been scammed 

Scammers start off with puppy and kitten scams. Then they progress to bigger animals like sheep, cattle, poultry, and all farm animals. Then it's bigger stuff - tractors, containers - anything which folk buy online. There are international crime syndicates at work.

You can share your experience to warn others, or ask about a scam here: Blog

Don't be shy to report scams! It is written in the Bible, "O God, you hate all who do wrong. You destroy those who tell lies; deceitful men, the Lord abhors." Psalm 5 verses 5 & 6

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