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Recommended for breeders, trainers, groomers, boarding kennels, catteries, pet-friendly accommodation, and pet products for sale. (We do websites for anything, actually!)


What you get:

Own domain (optional)

  • What is a domain?   An example would be  Instead of "myname" you would put your kennel name, surname, or product name. Note: We register domains in YOUR name, (not the ISP's name) so that you can own it and move it at any time. Some service providers register it in their own name, & hold it hostage if you want to move.
  • I already have a domain.  You can use the system without a domain, or you can use it as a 2nd website & register a new domain. Some folk add a hyphen eg Or ask your Internet Web Host to shift the domain.



Optional - address at your domain eg If you already have an email address, you may not wish to add this feature. 


Free Updates

Update pages yourself: announce litters, change prices, announce show ring successes, etc. 



You can add keywords that folk are searching for - eg "dogs". This will help search engines to find you.


Unlimited Photos

Add as many photos as you want. Change them as your pups get bigger. 


Ongoing help 

As well as a help menu, humans are standing by to help you! No technical knowledge needed. Your first page will be your contact details and some info about yourself. You can change the words and add on more as you go. Don't wait till you have it word perfect! Just take the first step and make a start! 


Price websites cost R1085 per year. If you want a new email, add R200.  Add another R100 for each additional breed.


Enquiries welcome, Click here to send email

Getting a website lifts you to a higher position in the public's eye. But let's not just use our websites to lift OURSELVES higher - let's lift Jesus higher! Jesus said, "When I am lifted up, I will draw all men to myself!" John 12, 32




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