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Dog breeder with light-coloured Australian Cattle Dog
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Our male breeding dog


I live on a farm near Johannesburg, South Africa.  

I was given a Cattle dog female that was stone deaf. I knew very little of the breed but soon did some intensive research and realized that this awesome breed unfortunately has a very high percentage of deafness and blindness. It inspired me to breed Cattle dogs that are sound in body and mind. I have blue heelers, red heelers, and other colours. All my dogs are tested and I strive to breed dogs with beautiful temperaments. I admire the breed's loyalty to their owner and ability to adapt to any situation. They are incredible working dogs and also satisfied to just be a companion all day.
Once you have owned a Cattledog you will never want another breed of dog. They will take your breath away forever...

The legals 
We register our dogs with KUSA and the buyer gets a registration certificate.