Breeders of Miniature Schnauzers, Longhaired Dachshunds, & French Bulldogs


The love of my life...

Dogs have always played a huge role in my life and I am very fortunate and blessed to own a few beautiful breeding dogs.  I love being surrounded by dogs... a few on our couches, a few in their own beds in the kitchen, a few under the duvet in our bed and a few baking in the Karoo-sun.  They have a lovely dog life that consist of daily afternoon walks, swimming in the dams and if lucky... chasing some kudu's in the bush.  We have a huge fenced garden, so our dogs have plenty of space for playing, but they mostly prefer lying at my feet while I'm writing or painting during the day.  They are much loved... and they certainly know it.

When I started breeding in 2010, my motive was not 100% correct as I did out of love for dogs... please don't get me wrong... every breeder has to have a storeroom filled with love for their furry kids, otherwise their motive is 100% false and incorrect and this way puppy mills pop up.   The more I read and learned about breeding, genetics, illnesses and the mindset of a dog, the more excited I became.  I'm still busy with a diploma course about the anatomy of dogs, parasites, genetics, breeding, etc.  My love for dogs changed my purpose for breeding... from just pure love to rather breeding dogs that's hopefully healthier with amazing temperaments...  their looks are a total bonus.  Most of my breeding boys and girls are Hadeshua bred, and (excuse my arrogance) but that's why my puppies are so beautiful with amazing personalities... with the years I had the privilege to keep the best pups from my litters producing my own amazing breeding stock. 

I work according a waiting list and reserve my puppies to approved homes only.  If you are interested in a Hadeshua puppy, please make sure that your name is added to the waiting list. For more information about the waiting list and process to follow, please visit my main website  www.hadeshua.com or email me on ronel@hadeshua.com

May you too find the love of your life...