Breeders of Golden Retrievers


About us

In 2014 we got our first golden boy Duke.
We were amazed with his gentle natured personality and eagerness to please. At the time our kids were toddlers still and he basically tiptoed around them even if they pulled him by the tail. He loved playing silly games that they wanted to play, and we were never afraid that he might snap at them.

A couple of years later we got our first girl Leia who just added to our pleasure ten-fold.

From there we were convinced that we wanted to help other families to share and experience the joy of having a golden kid as part of a family.

A golden retriever is a very special family friend that will be a meaningful and pleasant addition to any animal loving family. The best dogs for kids for sure, but like kids should be part of your family sharing in family life and activities and not left outside or alone without the family for extended periods.