Breeder of Irish Wolfhounds, Affenpinschers, Miniature Dachshunds, & Akitas


About us

I got my first registered dog in 1985, when I finished matric and since then my passion for purebred dogs has just grown.

I started with Bouvier des Flandres and I had great success both in the show ring and with breeding this wonderful breed.

Over the years I have added miniature Dachshunds, all 3 varieties, long, smooth and wire but the wires have stood out from the others both in temperament and vitality and these are the ones I now specialize in.

Irish Wolfhounds, are a giant breed and so unfortunately don't live very long, 8 years on average.  I nearly gave up on this breed but persevered and currently I own 8 of these majestic hounds.

I fell in love with a picture of an Affenpinscher many years ago but at that stage I could not afford to bring one into the country, I currently own 7 of them from Australian and American origins.

American Akitas are my most recent add, I have always admired the look of these beautiful dogs but have been afraid to add them due to the reputation they come with, aggression.  Yes you have to be in control of your pack and yes they can and will fight but generally only if provoked, I would not recommend them to anyone with existing pack problems but if you want a loyal guard then the American Akita is one to consider.