Waaiplaas Kennels

Breeders of Miniature Schnauzers and Scottish Terriers


About us

My relationship with Miniature Snauzers and Scottish Terriers started in 2005, when my husband bought me a puppy of both breeds as he thought it would help to comfort me after the passing on of my mom. I did indeed fell in love with them forever!
I decided to breed puppies so that other people can also experience the joy and pleasure from them as much as I do. Since then, I have always been with my Mini Snauzers and Scotties.
I love my dogs very much and take very good care of them. As we are so fortunate to live on a farm they are farmdogs! I  go for daily walks with them on the farm, which they enjoy very much.They like to run after small animal like birds and rabbits.
There is no better companion than a Miniature Snauzer-  he/she will follow you like a shadow and will be your best friend forever.
Both breeds are excellent to keep in the house as they dont loose hair and are potty trained very easily. The Scotties are not so much in need of cuddles, as long as they can be near you, they are happy.
I cannot imagine my life without my dogs, I will forever have them around me.