Blamich Kennel

Breeders of Border Terriers


About us

With fifteen years' experience breeding Border Collies, the bar was set high when searching for a small dog for my son. My research led me to this brilliant, affectionate and loyal breed. I could not have imagined a better companion and addition to our family.

Border Terriers are friendly, highly intelligent, easily trained and adaptable dogs. That makes them a great choice to be kept as a family pet no matter if you are living in small town or a big city.

An amazing fact about Border Terriers is that they are hypoallergenic dogs. If you or any of your family members suffer from allergies you can still have a dog. Their coat is coarse and does not shed easily. However, it will be your responsibility to groom and strip your pet's coat.

Border Terriers thrive when they are with their family and are not meant to live outdoors with little human interaction.

We adhere to strict criteria and pride ourselves on being an ethical and reputable breeding kennel. Our dogs have well established bloodlines from Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Blamich is KUSA registered and all our offspring undergo a thorough veterinary physical, which includes deworming and first inoculations. Our pups are in caring hands from their birth until the day they become a member of your family.

"Big heart in a small package" is what comes to mind when describing these loveable souls. They will fit in well with your family, including your existing fur darlings as long as they get adequate attention and appreciation.