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About the Breed

If you're looking for a versatile, active, spunky dog who will watch over your family for many years, the Irish Terrier could be the breed for you. He's not one of the more well-known breeds, so finding a breeder with puppies can be difficult. Expect to spend some time on a waiting list and to pay higher price than you might for a more popular breed. The expense is well worth it, though, admirers say. If you find the right dog, the Irish Terrier can be the most wonderful companion your family will ever have.

The Irish Terrier's motto is "No Fear". Nicknamed "Daredevil"

 This medium-size, agile dog has a tight, wiry red coat and a snootful of   courage!
 He is animated and loyal, always on guard, and willing to take on   anything that comes his way or threatens his people and home.  

With that tough terrier attitude, however comes a need for training and socialisation from an early age. Irish Terriers are extremely intelligent and learn easily, but any training must work around their independant, wilful spirit. If you can make the dog think that training is his idea, you'll get a happy worker who meets or exceeds any goals you may have set for him! That's balanced by a reckless spirit that can be blind to consequences, so it can be necessary to protect him from his sometimes intemperate desire to guard his loved ones.

Irish Terriers are excellent people dogs when they receive early socialisation and
this helps make them wonderful family companions. They  are best suited to families where someone is home during the day. They aren't overly active indoors and are happy to relax with their people, but they need excercise in the form of walks and occasional romps in a fenced area.
The Irish Terrier has excellent hunting skills and a strong desire to seek out and destroy vermin, so a fenced yard and leashed walks are necessary for his safety. He'll chase rapidly moving objects without paying attention to where the  chase is leading him.


Irish Terriers adore children and are great playmates
especially when raised with them. Make sure very   young children are supervised at all times to   prevent injury to both the dog and and the child.

Irish Terriers can learn to get along with cats, if they're raised with them from puppyhood, but the may not be trustworthy around smaller pets, especially pets from the rodent family such as mice, rats, hamsters, and gerbils.

This breed does not do well with other dogs. Irish Terriers can be aggressive towards dogs of the same sex, and they don't back down from a challenge. They will fight to the point of serious injury to themselves or the other dog. Being fearless, they'll take on dogs much larger than themselves without thought for the consequences.
 Irish Terrier Characteristics

Adaptibility                          5/5                      Overall Friendliness                     4/5
Apartments                         3/5                      Affectionate with family              5/5
Good for novice owner     2/5                      Child Friendly                                5/5
Sensitivity Level                  3/5                      Dog Friendly                                 1/5
Tolerates being alone        2/5                      Friendly towards strangers        3/5
Tolerates cold weather      4/5                      Tolerates hot weather                4/5
Health & Grooming         4/5                        Easy to train                                   4/5
Amount of shedding       4/5                        Intelligence                                     4/5
Drooling potential           3/5                        Potential for mouthiness             5/5
Easy to groom                  1/5                        Prey Drive                                       1/5
General Health                 3/5                       Barking and howling                      3/5
Potential to gain weight  2/5                       Size                                                   3/5

Energy Level                     5/5                       Exercise Needs                                4/5
Intensity                            4/5                       Playfulness                                       5/5

If, after reading this, you feel that the Irish Terrier will be the idealaddition to your family, please contact us.