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Not one breed captivated my heart as much as the Italian Greyhound. With their uniqueness and versatality, outgoing attitude and sporting nature, they are a exemplary companion with the embodiment of elegance, which is an indication of the high aesthetic value of the owner. Thus my slogan: LOVE WRAPPED IN ELEGANCE. I believe that breeding is truly a form of art, which requires a deep passion, commitment, love and dedicatoin towards the breed.

I am a member of the Kennel Union of South Africa, and when investing in a Regalita Italian Greyhound you will not only receive a true companion for life, but also the following:
Puppies from both health tested parents
A microchip implanted by a veterinarian
A Get Me Known Microchip certificate
Innoculated and Vet checked
A COPY of the parentage registration will also be provided
A small puppy pack as gift with a few day's supply of puppy food
Early development stimulation program done (to ensure that they are well socialized)
They will leave my home and their mom at the earliest age of 8 weeks (depending on the development of the puppy)
Arrangements for traveling of the puppy free up to the distance of 100 km, after that a fee will apply
Travel and flight arrangements to be made by the owner, but I will gladly assist.
If the puppy's needs to stay longer than 8 weeks a lodging fee will apply.

Please note that Regalita puppies will only be sold to pre-aproved, selected owners. Part of the art of breeding is to link the perfect owner to the puppy. Breeding restrictions will apply to my puppies, which mean they are not for breeding purposes. They are also being sold with a general contract as well as a contract to be spayed at the age suggested by your veterinarian. 

Since breeding is only a hobby for me born out of a deep love and passion, I will most probably not have a pup ready for you in a very short time, thus reserving one of my dogs might require some time and patience, but promise to be worth the wait. I wish to sell my dogs to only serious pre-approved buyers, who will be responsible owners committing to the general wellbeing and preservation of the breed. As my aim is to breed to preserve this beautiful ancient breed and do them nothing but the justice they deserve. By choosing a Regalita puppy means you can be sure to buy a well bred puppy, who are welcoming into this world, raised in a world of love and luxury and showered with love. 

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