Breeders of Bullmastiffs


We are living on a small holding at 122 Doreen Avenue, Amandasig, Akasia, Pretoria.

We have been involved with Bullmastiffs for more than 30 years.

Some years ago we decided to import Marconian Marco Polo from the United States.

This dog would become our flagship and will be seen in most of our lines.  

We later decided to import two siblings (Marco and Galina) also from Marconina Bullmastiffs and our male
Marconian Vasco Da Gama  achieved amazing results in the show ring.

The abovementioned Bullmastiffs were used in our breeding programme and complimented our established line to the extent that we are breeding some of the most amazing puppies ever.

We proud ourselves to be able to publish that our Bullmastiffs are first and formost bred as family companions and we are thankful to say that a lot of them have also been shown and have done well in the show ring.

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