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Debbie Jackson & Gary Ousman
Cell 083 626 2078

Collage of our champion staffords

Welcome to!

Stapphire Staffords believe in breeding healthy, Staffs with reliable loving temperaments.

Staffords are people dogs and although they do not need a large yard to run in, definitely need to be part of the family. They are not great guard dogs, but will be a devoted loving pet that are exceptional with children. Their manageable size and short coat, makes them extremely popular family dogs, as they are very easy to maintain.

We have owned, bred and shown Staffords for more than a decade, and belong to various Stafford clubs and have an intimate knowledge and insight into this wonderful breed.
We test all our breeding stock for genetic problems that might be prevalent in Staffs to ensure that we breed, healthy, happy pups. Our dogs are raised along side our children and cats and needless to say are very kid and cat friendly.

The legal stuff

Stapphire is a registered affix. We register our puppies with KUSA, with breeding restrictions. Buyers get a registration certificate. We do not sell unregistered puppies.

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