Smooth Fox Terrier Club of Transvaal


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(founded 1980)
Affiliated to the Kennel Union of Southern Africa


Chairlady: Alison van Zyl

Cell: 0834749190



Secretary: Sheila Hodkin

Cell: 0824614671


Welcome to the official website of our Club which has represented our
wonderful breed for the past 35 years.

The breed dates back hundreds of years and has its origins in England. The breed was officially brought into being when the official standard of the breed was written in England in 1876.

The Fox Terrier was established originally as a fox hunting terrier, hence the name. He went along with the huntsman on his horse, carried in a satchel on the huntsman's back, or at times was required to run and keep up with the horses and foxhounds who chased the fox until it went to ground.
The hounds were too big to follow the fox and this is when the Fox Terriers were used. They would either 'flush out' the fox or kill it underground.
For this reason, the Fox Terrier, for its size, has long, powerful jaws with big teeth. The true Fox Terrier has a good handful of tail left after docking to enable the huntsman to use it as a handhold if the dog became stuck in a hole.
In South Africa, records at the Kennel Union of Southern Africa offices in Cape Town show that the Smooth Fox Terriers were imported in the 1880's and were registered with the original Kennel Union when it came into being in  1891.
Why you will love a Foxie!
The Smooth Fox Terrier is a wonderful breed with lots of good qualities in its favour. They all love children and attacks on children are unheard of. They will play tirelessly for hours. The Fox Terrier is loyal and devoted to its family, and if necessary will not hesitate to lay down its life to protect you. They are fearless in the face of danger and will attack any intruder - be it two or four-legged and are quite capable of dealing with a poisonous snake because of their speed and agility. They  are excellent hunters of vermin such as rats and mice. The Fox Terrier is exceptionally intelligent and a very clean house-pet.