Breeders of Miniature Schnauzers




After my puppies, left for their new homes, I always get excellent feedback, from all the new owners, who bought puppies from "Mutterliebe Kennel". 

Our puppies are so loved by all their new owners and family members, for their amazing adaptability and their sociable charactheristics. Afterwords they all agree that Schnauzers are humans  best and outstanding friends.

And for this reason, I am a Min. Schnauser breeder.

Monique Le Maitre - Buksie - 10.01.2015
Tannie se woefters is beautifull en die twee stuur liefde.
Leigh van den Handel - Boss - 15.01.2015
Hi Anneli, Boss is so special! You do such a lovely job of raising such divine puppies! He is very precious!
Reinier van der Ryst - Einstein & Timmy - 24.01.2015
Ons twee woefters was sopas 2 jaartjies oud en is amper 2 jaar by ons. Dit was die beste ding nog ooit gewees om hulle te kry, hulle is so oulik!!
Jana Louw - Pepper - 12.07.2015
Hi tannie, Pepper is die rustigste puppy ooit. Sy en Frikkie speel so lekker saam. Frikkie lyk ook nou gelukkiger xxx
Elsa Ritchie - Lizzy - 12.07.2015
Hi there,  Lizzy is AMAZING. She is so, so clever and I'm  convinced she is potty trained already. She knows her name.  She is so happy amd doing very well. we love her to bits. Xxx
Odette Cresswell - Benjamin -14.07.2015
Hi Anneli, I hope you are well. Benji had his vaccination today, he was very relaxed as he didn't know what was going to happen. Our vet has a Standard Schnauzer, so of course he thought Benji was wonderful! Benji has a beautiful nature, he is so gentle and loving and really adventurous, he enjoys exploring and has learnt his way around our housr and he knows the way to Granny's house and back! He loves playing with the children and in the garden with thr two Jack Russels. He really enjoys his good and hiz favourite toy is a soft teddy which is twice his size, he shakes it and runs aroud pulling it by the ear. He makes us laugh so much and when my husband is stressed from work, he seems to know - he just goes and lies on his lap, and of course that does my husband the world of good!  We treasure our little Benji.
Olive Page - Mia & Jesse - 29.07.2015
Ons geniet ons 2 hondekinders verskriklik baie, hulle is gesim om baie vinnig, baie diep in ons harte te kruip. Nogmaals baie dankie vir hulle, xxx
Tracy Potgieter - Tracy - 04.08.2015
Hi Anneli, Tracy is vandag al 'n jaar oud!! Dankie vir ons awesome hondjie, sy's by verre my beste hondekind! Xx