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Paula du Toit
Telephone 049 844 9611
Cell 079 484 8184
email paula@piepau-yorkies.co.za
 Sweet Yorkie with flowing silky hair

My name is Paula, I live in Murraysburg in the heart of the Karoo (don’t get a fright, I fly my dogs if we can’t arrange other means of transport). Here is what I believe in as a Yorkie breeder and owner.

Yorkies are not dogs but little people. They need a lot of love, need to be spoken to often and live in the house. They are very intelligent, active and extremely loyal to their owner. Yorkies are one of the most enjoyable breeds to own, they have no problem adjusting to luxury, but are also true terriers, always ready to play and get dirty. They can be very aggressive and have a heart like a hotel, the biggest of big dogs don’t scare them.

My purpose as a breeder is firstly that our pups give happiness to their new owner. He/she must be a good companion and be an appreciated pet for an animal lover. They are raised in the house, have a good temperament and are healthy. I am always available for advice and enquiries.

Thank you for your visit to our website, Enjoy!

The legal stuff

We register our puppies with KUSA and give a registration certificate to the buyer. There are no breeding restrictions. Piepau is a registered KUSA affix.

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