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Brief history of the Smooth Fox Terrier

The origin of the Smooth Fox Terrier goes back a few hundred years and is lost in the mists of time.  One of the earliest writers, Dr Caius who was a Professor at Cambridge University, mentioned the "Terrarius" in his book of 1570 "Englishe Dogges" for hunting foxes.  Huntsmen preferred Fox Terriers which were mainly white to enable the hounds to distinguish between the fox and the terrier which was called upon to go to ground after the fox!

In the 1800's breeders began keeping records resulting in the founding of the original Smooth Fox Terrier Club in 1876.  From those early days Fox Terriers have changed little as can be seen from the famous painting by Arthur Wardle which hangs in the Kennel Club in London, entitled The Totteridge 11 painted in 1897.

Fox Terriers, both Smooth and Wire, were the most popular breed in the late 1800's and early 1900's and, although many other dog breeds have been developed since then, have retained their small portion of popularity amongst some dog fanciers because of their intelligence, low maintenance, devotion, fearlessness and alertness - making them an ideal early alarm.

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1901 painting of Ch Donna Fortuna & Ch Duchess of Durham
1901 painting of Ch Donna Fortuna & Ch Duchess of Durham
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