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Anneli du Preez
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From as early as I can remember, I adored dogs… all sizes, colours, and personalities. It didn't matter, if it had fur I loved it!

After school I bought myself four Dash dogs. But sadly it always ended with back problems. At that point I decided to start looking for a very special type of dog. They must have a strong bone structure, be a very good companion, must be very intelligent and also have good looks.

Nearly 10 years ago, I saw a miniature Schnauzer at a dog show. I talked to the owner and she convinced me, this is the dog – buy one and you will never look back. So I did, and this is where my life story with miniature Schnauzers starts.


Terms and Conditions

Mutterliebe is a KUSA registered Affix.  We register our miniature Schnauzer puppies with KUSA. But please note - KUSA registrations will only been sent out to new owners, after and under these two circumstances:-
1)  After Sterilisation proof has been received that puppies were spayed a qualified Vet
2) And when we are satisfied that your Miniature Schnauzer puppies are treated as indoor pets, and are allowed on your furniture, and are receiving all the necessary love, care, and attention they really need. 
Breeding restrictions: - female puppies - 6 months, and male puppies - 8 months.
This is to ensure that our bloodlines stay pure, and that it will not be necessary to rehome unhappy and problem min. Schnauzers due to neglect.