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Two bull mastiffs wading in a river

Historically the Bullmastiff breed was used to patrol estates and help to protect wildlife against poachers. Well one thing that I can vouch for is the fact that our Bullmastiffs just absolutely love to go on patrol! We are fortunate to live on an eleven hectare property that has the Apies River forming one of the perimeters of the property. As much as our dogs love to just hang around as close as they could get to us, just as much they love to go and explore the open field and river.

Bullmastiffs are quite happy to be confined to small surroundings as long as they can enjoy family time with their owners. They have such a good record of being gentle giants that some people might think they are not good guard dogs. The opposite is however true. Bullmastiffs are excellent guard dogs and are very protective of the family home. Not only is the mere sight of a Bullmastiff enough to give an intruder second thoughts but these dogs will loudly announce the sight of a stranger and I have witnessed many charges towards our fences. Bullmastiffs will however not bark for no reason, so when your Bullmastiff do ring the bell it is definitely worth while to investigate.

Bullmastiffs are so loving and possessive of their families no wonder some people say they are owned by their Bullmastiffs!

The legal stuff

We register our puppies with KUSA and give the buyer a registration certificate.