Breeders of Wheaten Scottish Terriers


About us

I purchased my first Scottie in 2016 by the name of Teddie and believe me he lives up to his name. My son calls him his teddie bear. Now Teddie likes to let his intention be known by the funny sounds he makes. Teddie has taken to two members of the family myself and my son. Scotties are normally loyal to one or two members of the family.

Bonnie my female was also purchased in 2016 she has taken to my other youngest son and wife. She is so funny as she sounds like a snapping turtle when Teddie wants to bug her.

Scotties can at times be stubborn if you call them when their attention is directed to something of interest. Scotties dont like birds, or any small rodents and lizards. They will kill them without batting an eyelid lol. I've had so many times my sons calling me dad, dad Teddie has caught a bird, with me rushing out in my PJS trying to free the poor bird from Teddies mouth, and him thinking its a big game.

Scotties will creep into your hearts because, they are loveable dogs, and are a laugh a minute.

Lumglarr is a KUSA registered Kennel.