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Inevitably this has to be about the Bernese in South Africa. In 1988 I saw a picture in an English dog magazine and was immediately taken with this proud yet sensitive breed. Sadly there were no litters in South Africa and it became my destiny to establish the breed here again.


During a visit to Europe later that year we visited litters in Switzerland and reserved our first two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Fuerst and Dolli, who arrived in November. At the time I bred, trained and showed Rottweilers so had a sound background with large breed dogs. The Bernese proved to be very different in temperament and I found that showing them was a great experience as most people didn’t know the breed at all.


Over the next thirty years we imported nearly twenty Bernese from the UK, Switzerland, Australia and Germany always looking to improve on what we had with special emphasis on type, health and temperament. Our current "family" consists of Polly, her daughter Georgia, grandson Jonty, plus Zusi and her daughter Phoebe. We have owned and bred many champions and been very successful in the show ring but most of all we have consistently produced beautiful puppies that have become part of families who share my love of the breed.


My recent litters have been sired by a lovely dog from Poland, Drahomir Sledzikujacy Bern (FCI) of Balloobears owned and loved by Karen Fourie. Some of the pictures that are shown are of my J and K litters with Jonty being one of these puppies. The L litter from the same parents Drahomir and Georgia is due in October.


It has been a journey that has taken me through learning and understanding first of all the Rotties and then the Berners. I have experienced the work entailed in running clubs and qualified as a specialist judge for Rottweilers where much of my knowledge was gained from many of the great German breeder/judges.

None of this would have been possible without the encouragement and support of my husband Philip. The journey has taken me to the land of my birth the UK, and Europe to meet with breeders and to attend shows and health seminars. Thirty eight litters later I am still learning.


I am lucky to have been blessed with many years shared with my beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs.


Marion Brown

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