Breeders of Yorkshire & Biewer Terriers


My Husband bought me my first Yorkshire Terrier 16 years after I saw one for the first time. He was a farmer then and thought that a milk cow would be of better use!.So i had to wait until after we sold the farm for a yorkie.

I bought a male and named him Mickey. After a while I decided to bought him a companion and a female followed. I went to a breeder in table View, who was breeding for 30+ years and she gave me the advice to replace Mickey with a male more suitable. I then bought Jeremy. He became moms lapdog and was never very serious with the girls. Jeremy is turning 13 years 2011. We have quite a connection. So then Mario came to live with us and became my one and only stud.

I bought another female, Julie, who is still with us. My breeding program started with the ups and downs. after 11years of breeding Yorkshire Terriers a friend send me a picture of a Biewer terrier. And i just had to have one. I bought my female, Briana and then followed JeanCarlo. Hopefully i will start my breeding program of the Biewers during late 2011.

We live on a farm now, after we moved from the Western Cape, and the dogs have a big space to play and run around in. It is only me, my husband, the dogs, two rabbits, two horses, 3 cats and the livestock on the farm. The dogs keep us company and very busy.

It  often comes under my attention of breeders, or so called breeders, who breed their dogs under very bad and not so good conditions. One often read about breeders scamming buyers. Please be sure that we have only a few litters, sometimes 1 or 2 litters, per year. My dogs are firstly my pets and companions. i keep a close eye on them to see who does not feel so well and treat them accordingly, or we take a visit to our vet. No expense are withhold to keep our dogs in good health. I enjoy breeding and will continue to do so as long as i can provide good care of them at all times. If i cannot do it with integrity, dignity and honesty, i will not continue my breeding program!!!

I am willing to provide a potential buyer with reference of people who bought dogs from me. We often go and visit our children in the Cape. We will deliver pups for free, if we have enough people interested in our puppies. Since we are so far away from the Cape, we can't drive to Cape Town to deliver 1 or 2 pups, but will do so for 3 or more puppies. We can also fly puppies to all major airports in South Afica. We fly SA Airlink from Upington. Price of puppies includes the flight cost. BUT THE COST OF THE CRATE WILL BE PAID BY THE NEW OWNER. Aprox R290.00 to R350.00

I cannot think of my life with no yorkies and biewers in it. PLEASE USE ONLY THIS EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE FUTURE






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